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Ready to Engage in Dialogue at GATO Conference

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Welcome to the GATO Conference

Join us in Georgia for an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest trends and innovations in the tax community.  We invite you to schedule a visit with us at the conference to discover how our solutions can transform your approach to citizen experiences and enhance your organization's success.

Meet SVP Zach Zipay

As the Senior Vice President at Smart CJM, Zach Zipay is excited to engage in meaningful conversations with you during the conference. Don't miss this chance to connect with Zach and gain valuable insights into optimizing your customer journey.

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Engage: 5 Reasons to Dialogue at GATO Conference

We are excited to invite you to explore how our innovative solutions can revolutionize your organization's operations at the GATO Conference. Here's why scheduling a visit to our booth is a must:  

1. Improved Efficiency:

  • Visitor Registration: By automating the visitor registration process, we eliminate manual efforts and ensure accurate data capture, saving valuable time.
  • Check-in and Check-out: Our efficient processes streamline the check-in and check-out procedures, benefiting both visitors and staff by enhancing overall operational efficiency.

2. Enhanced Security:

  • Visitor Tracking: Our lobby management software provides real-time visitor tracking, enhancing security by enabling organizations to monitor who is present in the lobby at any given time.
  • Identification and Authentication: Integrated with identification systems such as ID cards, our software ensures reliable verification of visitor identity, further enhancing security measures.

3. Resource Optimization:

  • Staff Allocation: Leveraging real-time data on visitor needs, we optimize staff allocation, ensuring resources are efficiently utilized.
  • Queue Management: Our system optimizes the flow of visitors in and out of the lobby, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing long waiting times.

4. Integration with Other Systems:

  • CRM and Database Integration: Seamlessly connect with customer relationship management systems and reporting tools to maintain a centralized database of visitor information, enabling better analysis and decision-making.

5. Cost Savings:

  • Staff Productivity: By automating routine tasks, our solutions free up staff to focus on more strategic and valuable activities, leading to increased productivity and cost savings for your organization.

By scheduling a visit to our booth and experiencing our solutions firsthand, you'll gain insights into how we can help drive efficiency, enhance security, optimize resources, and ultimately save costs for your organization.



GATO Conference

  • May 14th - 15th 2024
  • Georgia
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