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Transforming Hospital and Patient Experience


 Visit us where the world of healthcare meets

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Join us in exploring the future of healthcare with our innovative solutions from Smart CJM.
We warmly invite you to visit our booth and discover the benefits of our collaborative solutions, aimed at optimizing patient flows and crecreating a better patient experience.
Together, Smart CJM and Adapt Middle East provide you with the opportunity to revolutionize the patient experience while streamlining your processes.
Why You Should Visit Us: 
  • Innovative Solutions: Experience the latest advancements in health technology.
  • Interactive Demos: Get hands-on with our products and see them in action.
  • Expert Insights: Talk to our specialists and learn how our solutions can transform your healthcare processes.

Visit our booth at Arab Health (Hall: Z6, Booth Number: E33A) to firsthand experience how you can benefit from our innovative solutions. We look forward to welcoming you and providing insights into the future of healthcare. 

Stefan Dylka, CEO Smart CJM & Nand Nair, CEO Adapt Middle East

Unveiling Innovation: What We're Showcasing at Arab Health!

At Arab Health, the stage is set for a revelation of remarkable innovations that will leave you inspired! Brace yourself for AI-powered insights that illuminate the path to patients understanding, the dynamic possibilities of Azure's cloud migration, seamless indoor navigation that redefines journeys, and the excellence of German-engineered kiosks transforming patient interactions. Join us to witness these exceptional highlights, shaping the narrative of technology's evolution.


Patient Journey Integration with Healthcare System

Discover how SmartPX has been successfully integrated with healthcare software in Germany. This pioneering work, previously showcased at other healthcare events, represents a significant advancement in seamlessly connecting patients with healthcare systems.

Healthcare Vitals Test using Terminals and Smart PX

Discover our German-engineered hardware integrated with SmartPX, crafted to transform how vital health tests are conducted. This integration streamlines processes, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers.

Our suite of tools and resources empowers healthcare providers, encompassing everything from vital signs monitoring to proactive patient communication. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also improves patient engagement.

Additionally, our focus on Patient Journey Mapping ensures that vital data is effectively utilized to craft personalized care plans. This method prioritizes individual patient needs, tailoring healthcare to each person's unique health profile.

Experience the synergy of high-quality hardware and innovative software with Smart PX, setting new standards in patient care and healthcare management.

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Empowering Healthcare Providers with SmartCJM Software

Learn about how our SmartCJM software enhances efficiency, streamlines processes, reduces wait times, and improves navigation and patient feedback, ultimately boosting provider-patient communication.

AI Data-Driven Patient Journey

Uncover a fusion of innovation and precision with our range of German-engineered kiosks. Proudly made in Germany, these kiosks redefine customer interaction, setting new standards for engagement, reliability, and design.


Smart Patient Journey: From Appointment to Advocacy

Witness the full spectrum of the patient journey, from making appointments to becoming a health advocate, and how Smart CJM technology is facilitating this transformation.

Arab Health

  • Date: 29 Jan - 1 Feb 2024
  • Location: Dubai World Trade Center
  • Adress: Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre Dubai
  • Hall: Z6
  • Booth Number: E33A


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