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Smart Patient eXperience

Optmise your digital patient flow with AI

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2023 Dubai World Trade Centre

Visit us where the world of healthcare meets

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SMART CJM integrates artificial intelligence into its patient guidance and queue management systems with Smart Intelligence.

Our software solution “Smart Patient eXperience” is the modern and flexible software solution for hospitals and community health centers to optimize their patient management. With the help of the patient management of our queue management system, you increase process efficiency and patient satisfaction significantly. 
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We present Smart Patient eXperience at the Arab Health 2023 together with our local partner Adapt ME. Find us at Hall Za´abeel Z6, Booth Z6.E49

Three reasons to visit us at Arab Health

First reason:

“See the latest in Patient Journey Management System from CJM Germany – the Smart PX system significantly improves the efficiency and speed of your patient service, leading to increased customer satisfaction. The hospital can easily track and manage patient wait times, allowing you to better allocate resources and minimize delays. CJM Smart PX system is user-friendly and can be easily integrated into your existing operations, requiring minimal training and setup time – huge benefit to IT and operations.”

Nand Nair
Nand NairCEO Adapt Middle East

Second reason:

"We are excited to share our experience and use cases of SMART PX installations in European hospitals and blood labs with the audience of the healthcare sector in Middle East. Come and visit our booth and start your digital patient journey with us."


Stefan Dylka

Third reason:

"We show you how to achieve all defined KPIs in the healthcare sector by integrating AI into Smart Patient eXperience."

Klaus-Peter Grave
Klaus-Peter GraveCMO Smart CJM
Smart Patient eXperience


Smart eXperience is the modern and flexible software solution for hospitals and community health centers to optimize your patient management.

With the help of the visitor management of our queue management system, you increase process efficiency and customer satisfaction significantly. 

Advantages for for hospitals and community health centers
  • Improved resource planning: Using BI data and appointment slots, hospitals can plan resources more efficiently and ensure that staff are not overworked or overwhelmed.
  • Reduced costs: By reducing sick leave and increasing efficiency, hospitals can reduce costs and increase profitability.
  • Reduced paper usage: Smart Patient eXperience eliminates the need for paper tickets, reducing paper waste and saving money.
  • Improved data collection and analysis: Smart Patient eXperience can collect and analyze data on patient wait times, appointment scheduling, and resource utilization, which can be used to improve operations and patient care.
  • Improved staff productivity: By streamlining the appointment process, Smart Patient eXperience can free up staff time for more important tasks.
  • Reduced no-shows: With the ability to easily schedule and reschedule appointments online, hospitals can reduce the number of no-shows and improve appointment attendance.
  • Improved communication: Smart Patient eXperience can facilitate communication between patients and healthcare professionals, allowing for easier access to medical advice and support.
  • Enhanced patient-doctor relationships: By providing a convenient platform for communication and information sharing, Smart Patient eXperience can improve patient-doctor relationships and enhance trust.
Advantages for patients
  • Reduced frustration and stress. In-house navigation support can also help patients find their way to the right treatment room.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: By reducing waiting times and providing a more efficient patient journey, hospitals can increase patient satisfaction and improve the likelihood that patients will recommend the facility to others.
  • Improved patient accessibility: Patients can access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Reduced physical contact: Smart Patient eXperience can reduce the need for physical contact, helping to reduce the spread of infections and improve public health.
  • Enhanced privacy: Smart Patient eXperience can improve patient privacy by eliminating the need to share personal information with other patients or staff.
  • Enhanced patient safety: By reducing the risk of infection and minimizing physical contact, Smart Patient eXperience can help improve patient safety.
  • Improved accessibility for disabled patients: Smart Patient eXperience can make it easier for disabled patients to access care, as they do not need to physically queue up or navigate crowded waiting areas.
  • Enhanced patient engagement: By providing patients with information and resources online, hospitals can improve patient engagement and help patients make more informed decisions about their care.
  • Increased patient loyalty: By providing a seamless, convenient patient experience, hospitals can increase patient loyalty and encourage repeat visits.
  • Improved patient satisfaction: By providing a convenient and efficient patient experience, hospitals can improve patient satisfaction and enhance the overall patient experience.

Advantages of Smart Intelligence

SMART CJM integrates artificial intelligence into its patient guidance and queue management systems with Smart Intelligence. AI is used in a live dashboard, where it supports compliance with KPIs. On the other hand, managers in the healthcare sector can use AI to plan staffing more efficiently by reliably forecasting the expected number of patients and making concrete recommendations for action.

  • Supports fulfillment of all defined KPIs
  • Predictive analytics of visitor volume
  • Proactive recommendations for action
  • Increase customer satisfaction             
  • Realistic workforce planning
Smart Patient eXperience

Self-Service Terminals

Our patient terminal with multi-lingual check-in/check-out and TI functionality as platform for diverse applications

  • Barrier-free
  • Extension with TI card reader
  • QR reader for appointment check-ins

Made in Germany-1


Terminal Saskia
More patient orientation through Smart Patient eXperience

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